Careers & Recruitment

CHENONE STORES LTD employs approximately 1500 staff stationed at various offices and operational locations across Pakistan. CHENONE STORES LTD provides excellent long-term career prospects, a merit-based and enabling working environment and professional opportunities for both experienced and fresh graduates.

CHENONE STORES LTD aims to recruit competent professionals who demonstrate the required knowledge and skill base to fulfil the organization’s strategic objectives. The company provides equitable opportunities to all staff on the basis of merit and suitability regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or social background.

The company believes in not only attracting talented individuals but also enhancing their skills through training and mentoring and providing motivation through an equitable reward system.

Compensation & Benefits

CHENONE STORES LTD offers competitive salaries, benefits and facilities in line with current market trends and ensures that individual contribution is amply recognized and rewarded. Remuneration packages are reviewed regularly based on employee performance.


CHENONE STORES LTD has a merit-based transparent system for recruitment which adheres to the best practices in a changing and challenging environment. Hiring is premised on recruiting individuals with potential to become future corporate leaders. As such, candidates have to be proactive, adaptable and innovative team players with demonstrated knowledge and managerial skills to fulfill the organization’s strategic objectives.


  • If you are seeking an exciting career with CHENONE STORES LTD, kindly keep on checking newspapers / our website for job advertisements.
  • You can also send in your resume’s at the below email address and apply for vacant positions given on ChenOne’s Corporate Website.