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A legacy of excellence, creativity, quality and trust

A legacy of excellence, creativity, quality and trust

ChenOne Corporate

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Tracing the Timeline

ChenOne is a leading, multi-channel brand with a proud Pakistani
heritage, which trades from over more than (__) stores across __
countries. ChenOne offers its customers a unique and exclusive mix
of high-street brands, unique products and accessories to match the
expectations of a contemporary lifestyle .
Over the years, ChenOne has evolved as a symbol of design,
excellence and premium lifestyle, offering a diversity of products
that include home furnishing, linen, apparel, fashion accessories
and an assortment of relevant items for all age groups. For almost
two decades, our long-standing reputation and distinctive image
have been consistently developed across an expanding portfolio of
products, brands, profitable ventures with international market.
ChenOne is the story of one man’s vision and journey towards
harnessing the most exquisite of materials and the finest textiles,
employing the creativity and knowledge of expert designers
and product developers to deliver products that fill homes and
hearths of people. We bring refined furnishings, home accessories,
menswear, womenswear and kids wear.
With more than 150 employees, ChenOne has maintained its
strength in home textiles and furniture due to an unyielding
promise to quality. Building on this strength, ChenOne has
established a firm footing in the competitive and dynamic markets
of Middle.
The journey of ChenOne is of innovation and tradition going hand
in hand with attention to detail and a deep respect for quality
craftsmanship. ChenOne prides itself on providing not only
readymade products that can be bought off the shelves whilst
retaining their individuality, but also tailor made and customized
products for clients with more esoteric tastes.
The ethos of the company embodies innovation with emphasis on
quality, skill and traditional workmanship.
  • Our Vision

    ChenOne wants to redefine the fashion fundamentals by delivering a dialogue between passion and experience of fashion.The brand distinguishes itself as an institution in elite fashion and lifestyle milieu and wants to retain its distinctive position. By offering products and services which bears best in terms of quality and feel, ChenOne wants to pursue as a fashion protagonist in Pakistan terrain of fashion and lifestyle. Forever staying innovative and nonpareil, ChenOne wants to engender such fashion ideologies which would always serve as the point of initiation for fashion entrants and allied industries.With its creative brand propositions, ChenOne wants to nourish and evolve the basic fashion intellect of its cosmopolitan market.
  • Our Mission

    ChenOne outstretches its mission to lead the fronts of luxury and lifestyle segments of the market.The ample brand portfolio provides products and services fashionably stirring and distinctive in their quality and appeal. Epitomizing its brand image, ChenOne undertakes to stay synonymous with both creativity and elegance. With both hard and smart work, along with the passionate determination of its team, ChenOne wants to create great living experiences for its customers, not merely in the shape of products and services but also in the form of extraordinary shopping episodes.The brand is resolute to run its business concerns with ethical and environmentally sustainable business practices. For the brand innately believes in staying philanthropic and socially responsible as essential to its growth and mounting revere.

A Message from CEO

Considering the mega-trends and challenges the world is facing today, we are confident in our chosen strategic direction. Our focus is on strengthening ourselves as a contemporary, sustainable business geared towards fulfilling the needs of our customers.
Today, almost two decades since we started, we are one of the most iconic and powerful brands in Pakistan. We are in more than 20 cities across Pakistan and up to ten countries worldwide that reflects our mission to push the limits and never compromise on quality, giving our customers the best value for money.
Over the years, we have continued to evolve our operational model to build upon the core of ChenOne’s incredible heritage and strengths, including our commitment to finest craftsmanship, superior quality and a timeless sense of style. Our diverse portfolio is underpinned by our strong intangible assets, which include deep market insights, world-class quality, technology, research and creativity, our talented and engaged people and the ChenOne brand.
We always believe that the heart of retailing is creativity, and that by bringing together a broad array of talents, our business is enhanced. At ChenOne, our people are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionately committed to creating a culture where ongoing growth and continuous learning are encouraged and nurtured.
We strongly believe in the culture of giving; The ChenOne Foundation is an initiative that upholds our commitment and efforts of honouring our spirits of giving back and helping those in need. In order to further diversify, we have branched into real estate and restaurant industry business in Pakistan, which is bringing dividends.
From our humble beginning to international partnerships, this corporate brochure offers a window into the ChenOne journey – our brands and company.

– Mian Mohammad Kashif Ashfaq.