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Who We Are

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Tracing the Timeline

Follow the river and you will soon hit the big sea”, this parable elucidates the persistent 30 years of strive and excellence of Chenab Group; following the trails of the pastoral river of Chenab this business concern has struck the considerable ocean of success. Chenab Group is a limited company with unlimited facets of competence in terms of vision and resources, which have transcended into its first-rate operations and premium fabrications. Chenab is a vertically oriented conglomerate, involved in the production of high quality textile products. Yielding its roots from Faisalabad the textile nucleus of Pakistan, Chenab Group houses one of the most modern and prevalent textile ensembles of the country. Backed by state of the art manufacturing units along with assemblage of seasoned and devoted professionals, the group relishes unique honor of encompassing almost all textile processes under one roof This huge and diversified textile complex has its enormous customer base spread within as well as across the boundaries of the country.The precedent business incisive had provoked the group to penetrate in another prospective niche of Pakistan with the launch of ChenOne Stores as a dandy lifestyle retail chain.

Since its inception ChenOne has cultivated a legacy of fashion innovation which will last for the years to come.The brand that was instigated initially as a single store has now educed into a preferential fashion retail chain locally owning 35 stores along with its substantial international presence in Middle East with 7 stores in various countries.

After the roots have been wedged well the thoroughfare was devised by Mian Mohammad Kashif Ashfaq CEO, who had drawn the impending lines for the massive success of the brand.The journey with preciously bind values continued hence in just last 19 sweeping years ChenOne explored a myriad of new horizons, distilling into a release of an avant-garde Lifestyle. Now ChenOne has become an articulated caliber, holding a Haught Monde restaurant chain, a Luxury Travels Advisory House along with a luxuriant fashion retail chain, hence classically consummating all dispositions of Lifestyle.

  • Our Vision

    ChenOne wants to redefine the fashion fundamentals by delivering a dialogue between passion and experience of fashion.The brand distinguishes itself as an institution in elite fashion and lifestyle milieu and wants to retain its distinctive position. By offering products and services which bears best in terms of quality and feel, ChenOne wants to pursue as a fashion protagonist in Pakistan terrain of fashion and lifestyle. Forever staying innovative and nonpareil, ChenOne wants to engender such fashion ideologies which would always serve as the point of initiation for fashion entrants and allied industries.With its creative brand propositions, ChenOne wants to nourish and evolve the basic fashion intellect of its cosmopolitan market.
  • Our Mission

    ChenOne outstretches its mission to lead the fronts of luxury and lifestyle segments of the market.The ample brand portfolio provides products and services fashionably stirring and distinctive in their quality and appeal. Epitomizing its brand image, ChenOne undertakes to stay synonymous with both creativity and elegance. With both hard and smart work, along with the passionate determination of its team, ChenOne wants to create great living experiences for its customers, not merely in the shape of products and services but also in the form of extraordinary shopping episodes.The brand is resolute to run its business concerns with ethical and environmentally sustainable business practices. For the brand innately believes in staying philanthropic and socially responsible as essential to its growth and mounting revere.

A Message from CEO

IIt bestows me with immense pride and gratification to see ChenOne as a laureate brand of luxury and lifestyle.Truthfully I thank Almighty
having provided us with the astute and determination to turn this niche novelty into a solid recognition making it a congregation of diverse
and thriving business pursuits. It was never the narrower pursuit of profit proliferation that has bestowed ChenOne with enormous
achievement and renown. It was the perseverance towards brilliance, hard work along with the maximum optimization of time as the most
significant resource.

19 years coming to this apex of attainment, the choices were large and small and so were the opportunities, it was about being judicious,
consigned as well as insightful in order to mold the inspirations into the materializations while voiding off every intimidation on the way.II never inculcate the dynamism pouring behind the accomplishments of ChenOne into singularity. The acquiescence of ChenOne success
trails back to the efforts of the entire team from the executive acumen to the line level crew. Adopting risk awarding yet concise stance,
ChenOne entered into Corporate Interior Consultancy, Real Estate concerns,Travels Advisory Services and then into an extravagant
restaurant chain, variegating its profile to instill the exclusive brand idyllic into the experiences of its prestigious target class. In each of its portfolio extensions, the group ensured the same standards of excellence and distinction and that I believe is the rationale behind the
success fable of this brand. I further aspire with genuine devotion and resolution to take along ChenOne as a cluster of syndicating,
efficacious yet diversified brands, stamping ChenOne Group as a legacy.

II would take this opportunity to rejoice the promise of the whole team of ChenOne to c ontinue to restate the story of transcendent
quality, commitment and brand preeminence to the point of infinity.

– Mian Mohammad Kashif Ashfaq.